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Arlington & Mansfield, TX

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  • Great looking landscapes share one thing in common --- they are kept in "good trim". Healthy, attractively trimmed shrubs give your lawn a crowning touch. The Lawn Ranger is here to save your shrubs with a customized shrub program.

    One reason to prune is to remove dead wood, regardless of the plant. Sometimes the limb is old; sometimes it may have been injured. Another reason to prune is to allow light to reach the center of the plant. Take out some of the crowded interior limbs, especially ones that cross over of rub against another. Sometimes you need to prune for size. This is especially true of foundation plantings set as small plants that grew to be an attractive size for several years but one day became to large. Sometimes these can grow into each other and often overwhelm a small house.

    The Texas Lawn Ranger landscape professionals will maintain your shrubs all season long which means that your shrubs stay beautiful all year long! If you are interested in adding some flavor to your landscape, give us a call at 817-709-1695 and we would be happy to help.