Mole Crickets - Insect Control
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Mole crickets tunnel through soil like their mammal counterpart. This tunneling breaks up the soil around turf roots and the turfgrass often dies due to desiccation. The tunneling trails are themselves considered unsightly and interfere with ball roll on golf course greens.

  • Mole Cricket Lawn Damage

    Mole Cricket Damage

  • Mole Cricket

    Mole Cricket

  • Mole Cricket Tunnel Damage

    Mole Cricket Tunnel Damage

During mating and overwintering, the adults often push up mounds of soil around their permanent burrows. At this time, the adults are not feeding extensively enough to kill large patches of turf. Severe damage occurs in the summer months when the nymphs are actively feeding on the turfgrass roots. Heavy infestations during this period may result in large dead patches and exposed soil.

St. Augustine grass does not show as severe a response to mole crickets, possibly because of its different growth habit.

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